Digital & Social Media Management Marketing

It is a new-age game for many players, but for the PRtainment, the public relations service provider, a dynamic side of marketing has gained momentum. PRtainment is compassionate and dedicated to delivering a fresh and researched perspective on a constantly evolving industry. Our skilled team of PR executives utilises all spokes of the marketing umbrella to ensure maximum impact and measurable results.

At PRtainment, we view each client as a new and exciting opportunity for our PR & marketing agency in India. Therefore, we approach every new project with a strategic think tank mentality and embrace the challenges and advantages inherent in each. Our customized integrated PR campaigns that bring all communication podiums together make us a market differentiator in India's PR & marketing fraternity.

As a top Public Relations agency in India, we develop strong and integrated social media strategies for clients in all walks of industry and help them unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

PRtainment uses social media marketing in India to its fullest capacity in both marketing and public relations. Our definition of a "Social Media Campaign" does not include spamming for "likes" and "Comments"; instead, we offer a professional, integrative approach across multiple social media platforms with campaigns that are intelligent and effective.

At PRtainment, we build successful social media campaigns by combining due diligence with an acute understanding of modern-day cultural behaviours and trends. All this allows us to make a solid and comprehensive social media marketing strategy, one of the cornerstones of any marketing or PR campaign.



PRtainment observes the client's need, demand, and expectations and how it fits into their respective industry. It allows our PR agency experts to adapt and approach accurate branding and communication techniques to create the best campaign that is both striking and communicative.


Once the observation process completes, our marketing and advertising PR teams go active with crucial data and content tailor-made for the campaign to ensure the message is appropriately conveyed about the product and maintains its integrity. While we have every media platform at our fingertips, we use them with taste and good judgment for an optimal result outcome.


Once we press start, the entire campaign unfolds, with each resource being utilized in a perfect capacity. The PR specialists of the PRtainment Delhi-based firm monitor and tweak the drive to maintain ideal exposure. Our cordial relationship with our client's product is reflected in every step.