Brand & Product Launch

As rightly said, 'first impression is the last impression'; therefore, the first impression should be with a huge bang. Being the best PR for startups, we, as an arduous believer in it, assist you to put your best foot forward with a results-oriented launch strategy to cede standout visibility to our clients, products, and services.


Whether you're introducing a new brand or a new product, your strategic plan is the opportunity to set a sturdy foundation. And with PRtainment, we make sure that you get the best attention and mark the beginning on a positive note.

We master the art of building awareness, creating brand advocates, and driving sales, thus maximising the profitability of every public relations campaign undertaken by the agency's public relations. We partner with you to ensure your launch strategy meets your needs, budget, and brand personality and, at the same time, is in sync with the current market and trend situation.


Our public relations experts are passionately engrossed in studying the market trend and analysing the landscape, looking for strategic opportunities to elevate and differentiate your brand from the competitors, endowing you an edge.


We are multi-dimensional top PR agencies and offer the most effective brand strategies at multi-stage activities to reinforce the story through brand revitalisation and repositioning across multiple consumer touchpoint, which creatively combines the best of social media, media relations, experiential and influencer marketing, and more to ensure maximum impact.


To grasp the market's attention for your new launches needs the traditional and digital mediums together to tell your brand story, and we, the PRs- public relations marketing gurus, excel in the art and process of bringing the best to create that buzz in the market. From social media engagement to live to stream, we bring in all sets of activities to make the best of the resources.