PRtainment expertise in handling health, wellness, and beauty brands, whether homegrown, natural & organic or international. We have garnered trusted working relationships with national editors, writers, and television producers within the industry to get the word out about you in the proper manner.

As a communication and PR agency, we understand that the healthcare, wellness & beauty sector is quite vast. Over the past few years, it has been undergoing a digital revolution. By following the latest trends in the healthcare & beauty sector, we have built a strong team that has earned us a reputation as a specialist healthcare PR agency. Our gamut of offerings also includes strategizing PR campaigns for all the requisite channels, like healthcare conferences, dental conferences, medical conferences, interviews, online features, etc.

Whether you are a veteran or a budding expert, our team offers breakthrough PR strategies for each level of the client. It helps them establish a new face value in the emerging market in the healthcare industry. Our work profile reflects successful collaborations with primary healthcare centers, private clinics, medical practitioners, medical equipment manufacturing companies, and niche treatment providers like wellness centers, resorts, and spas.

How do we make your brand visible?
First of all, we understand your offerings and your target market. Keeping that in view, our team of professionals creates the target media and market segments where you need to make the much-need buzz. Once this is done, our team comes into action with result-oriented solutions. We help you keep ahead of the curve and work on effective campaigns that sync with all the requisite compliances.

Create Awareness
We create awareness in the target market by helping clients propagate their USPs regarding the latest technologies, developments, medicines, products, and services in different target markets.

Multi-channel Communication
We are ahead of traditional means and go beyond obvious means to create the buzz. We use multi-channels of communication for the same, including features, articles, podcasts, videos, and more in new-age media branches and traditional ones.

Maximize Visibility
Using multi-channels for communication and directing inputs in the target market helps increase your visibility and builds a brand connection with the target audience.

Strategic Contribution
While we know that it's important to flow with the trend, at the same time, we see the value of creating a niche. We make strategic contributions in the media market to create a brand value in sync with the brand philosophy. For the same, we use tools like webinars, digital conferences, and more to reflect the brand's value in the eyes of critics.