PRtainment has had measured success with both established and up-and-coming food and beverage companies. We know what needs to be circulated in the market to create the buzz around food, beverage, trends, and more. As a Food & Hospitality PR, we know the art of telling the story of flavours and alluring the audience to make it a journey worthy.

If you know what you are cooking to bring the best of flavours, we know the art and process of marketing it right through our networks and let the masses know about your creativity. Our team of highly motivated PR professionals creates an exceptional balance between PR strategies and campaigns, precisely like your signature dish, which is not only aromatic but also flavourful.

We specialize in putting the right emotions to bring out the story of your journey via media channels and bloggers & influencers. As a best PR agency in Delhi NCR, we create accurate PR strategies for hotels and restaurants. Our strategies involve:

How does PRtainment make your brand visible?

Our team of food journalism experts helps you build strategies that produce real and lasting results. We have worked with large hotel chains, restaurants, and food and drink brands and it is our extensive expertise that helps us craft campaigns that attract, engage, and drive results.

  • Best in Class Creativity
    We build a unique approach, experience, and influence in the food and hospitality sector that helps make your brand class apart from the competitors.
  • Strong Communication
    Our food and hospitality communications team works with journalists, food bloggers, and influencers to promote your journey and make audiences a part of your process and appreciate tasting your craft.
  • Strategic Consulting
    We also have expertise in providing strategic counsel for clients on how to best increase their food & hospitality industry footprint and B2B strategy in a budget-conscious manner.
  • Result Driven
    All our campaigns are result-driven, and our food and hospitality clients receive the best brand PR service possible.
  • B-2-B Strategy
    Not only this, but we also offer B-2-B services on how to best increase their food & hospitality marketing footprint in a cost-efficient and market-specific manner. Then we propagate it via the proper media channels.