From pre-school to higher education, we at PRtainment understand the nuances of each section and explain it via the right network to make your message delivered effectively and efficiently. We know the art of creating the right PR campaign to curate the news, disseminate the same in the industry, and let the world know your perfection. We also have expertise in books and authors' PR networking and promote the work in the right direction by allowing the audiences to understand your vision and creativity. We have extensive knowledge of how the education & book publishing industry works. We offer services that help our clients at every stage of the book promotion process.

We also offer marketing campaigns that target various audiences and complement the online and offline media presence by developing a sophisticated strategy to ensure your book gets noticed by influencers and industry leaders.

  • School, College, University & Author Promotion School, College, University & Author Promotion We help organize and recognize all these sectors, where knowledge meets creativity and spreads awareness in the vast audience market.
  • Event AssistanceFrom venue selection to celebrity arrangement, we handle it all to bring the best in terms of publicity and make your work recognized in the education market.
  • Dynamic CampaignsAs an education & book Public relations agency, we conduct active national and international campaigns for our clients. Our campaigns range from short-term to long-term publicity service packages, consultation services, writing press releases, etc. .
  • Optimum Results As a marketing public relations agency, we craft result-oriented strategies executed in a well-planned manner according to the target audience to deliver the optimum results.